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Coating of Transparent Conductive Polymer business

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In face of depleting rare metals globally, it is important that our process is not affected by the lack of supply of required materials. NSC developed the Transparent Conductive Polymer (Organic Conductive Polymer Type, Metal Nanowire Type) as an alternative to ITO, bringing about the coating technology as well as the coating process line.

Currently, NSC has two Coating Transparent Conductive Polymer Lines of sizes 400mm*500mm and 730mm*920mm (maximum). Depending on customer's requirements , NSC is able to provide support in the design, sales and installation for Coating Transparent Conductive Polymer Line for sizes within limit, as well as operation support after installation. (To "Line design and installation page")

Standard spec of TransTransparent Conductive Polymer

Standard characteristic values acquired from our Transparent Conductive Polymer are shown in table 1.
Specifications of Surface resistivity , Transmittance , HAZE and Pencil hardness equal to or greater than existing material have been achieved.
The Transparent Conductive Polymer can be fine-tuned to adjust its surface resistance, making it a versatile material that is suitable for various applications.

The flexibility of this material allows for a wide range of applications, particularly for products that require this special characteristic.

Comparing with conventional ITO sputtering method, this coating method enables processes to be greatly simplified and operations can be carried out at ordinary temperatures and pressures.

We will cater to customers’ demands for products such as antistatic conductive film and sensor electrode for touch panel according to their specifications and requirements.