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OGS (One Glass Solution) Chemical Extraction business

Demand for touch sensors in mobile phones, smart phones, tablets etc., are increasing. Generally, mechanical cutting technique is applied during the cutting of cover glass and/or OGS (One Glass Solution) panels into chips. However, this induces micro cracks at the edge of the glass substrate, making it difficult to attain sufficient chip strength.

Using our unique chemical treatment technology, NSC developed the chemical extraction technology as well as the production line. We have since started the sales of this development to our valued customers.

The edge of chips by chemical cutting has no micro cracks. Therefore it achieves more than 800 MPa average strength in four-points bending test.

This is suitable for all kinds of glass, including chemically strengthened glass and OGS panel.

We are able to provide customers with the design and installation of their production process, as well as after-sales support.(To "Line design and installation page")

Chemical Extraction process