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Ultra-Thin Slimming business
----> Do you need high-strength ultra-thin glass for flexible usage?

Ultra-Thin Slimming glass
100μm of slimmed glass using Ultra-Thin slimming technology

NSC caters to increased demand for an ultra-thin slimming process with our unique single substrate slimming.

In addition to the ongoing demand for thinner and lighter LCD substrates and cover glass for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, there is also an increasing demand for an ultra-thin slimming process for producing the curved displays and so on used in TV sets and vehicles. NSC's single substrate spray slimming process can uniformly treat large glass substrates measuring up to 1500 mm x 1850 mm(G6). Laying a glass substrate flat prevents warping of the substrate, and ultra-thin slimming to a thickness of up to 0.25mm is possible. The single substrate spray slimming process does not require a dedicated carrier, so there is no need to stamp jig marks.

Ultra-thin slimming

Features of NSC Ultra-Thin Slimming Process


At NSC. We define slimming to a thickness of no more than 0.25mm as "ultra-thin slimming". Currently, we can achieve a minimum thickness of 50μmt.


Since spray slimming does not produce any minute flaws (micro-cracks), the strength of the glass surface is about four times greater than that possible with mechanical slimming (as measured with a three-point bending strength test).

Type Process Thickness [μm] Radius of curvature [mm]
44 33 26 24 16 10 5
Glass Ultra-thin +Chemical Strengtening 50
Glass Ultra-thin 50 × -
LCD panel Ultra-thin 50 / 50 × - -

○: No damage , ×: Damage

Substrate Thickness Accuracy

For ultra-thin slimming to a thickness of 1.4mm to 0.15mm, variations in the thickness can be kept within ±20.

Available Sizes

Minimum of 200mm x 200mm to a maximum of 1500mm x 1850mm

Available Glass Substrates

-Alkali-free glass

-Alkali glass (Sodalime glass)

-Almino-silicate glass

At NSC, we have a proven track record of slimming many types of glass in addition to those mentioned above.

Uses and Applications

Application example
  • -Mobile products

  • -Curved displays

  • -Flexible display

  • -OrganicEL lighting

  • -After market automotive glass film

  • -High-strength thin glass

  • -X-ray Image sensor

  • -Lithium ion secondary battery

Specific example -Curved displays

※ Ultra-thin processing to LCD panel thickness 1.00mmt to 0.15mmt.

※ Radius of curvature R100mm.

※ Maintains viewing angle characteristics of IPS liquid crystal even in curved state.